Digital health multi-sector co-ideation game jam

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Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 - 13:20 to 14:50


Workshop using a serious game format to introduce key elements and processes in the ideation and co-design of gamified digital health solutions

Participatory co-design and co-development with input from diverse disciplines and stakeholder sectors can be a powerful way to ideate, create, validate and launch d-Health tools that cover real user needs and better fit user expectations and usage habits.

The guided activity will use an engaging format to give an introduction to the ideation and co-creation of digital health (d-Health) solutions to promote lifestyles changes related to the use of addictive substances and behaviours; in this case, in the population of young adults aged 18-25 years. We propose this specifically age group which is typically overlooked in programme planning as they are rarely treated as a distinct population group, despite the evidence that young adulthood is a critical time of life, linking adolescence to fully fledged adulthood. The Game-Jams will use techniques and elements of serious games design and will be conducted by Alexandra Estruch (Game designer specialised in health at CookieBox, Barcelona). The d-Health ideas created by the groups of participants will be pitched to international d-Health experts in addictions, who will award the best solution. The winners will receive a book prize and all participants will receive a certificate. The Game-Jams are organised as part of the EC co-funded project FuturiZe (

  • Game-jam judge: Anna Sort, Indiehealth & PlayBenefit, ES
  • Game-jam judge: Heleen Riper, VU University Amsterdam, NL
  • Game-jam judge: Matthijs Blankers,Trimbos institute, NL

Places in the workshop are limited and registration is required: