1. Assisting drug policies in the quest for an evidence-base: challenges related to the development of a National Action Plan for the Drug Information System

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 16:50 to 18:20


Since the 1990s, the EMCDDA encourages EU Member States to develop a National Action Plan for the Drug Information System (NAPDIS). In many EU countries, this plan exists and underpins the collection of drug-related data, helping to assess gaps and promote data collection and analysis in a structured way. It also enables the measurement of implemented interventions and policies. .

Two case studies (Georgia and Czechia) will be presented. They will summarise the process of the development and implementation of a NAPDIS and the interaction of a Drug Information System with national drug policy processes. Both examples will elaborate on critical points in this process: identification of information needs and gaps, involvement of stakeholders and data providers, networking and coordination processes, research capacities, and formal communication channels with decision-makers. .

Many countries neighbouring the EU are moving towards a more evidence-based policy. The development of a NAPDIS in these countries supports this shift, as it requires the interaction between stakeholders from governmental institutions, universities and non-governmental organisations. However, moving towards an evidence-based policy, supported by a structured data collection system, often proves challenging. .

The presentation will focus on how to develop a NAPDIS and how to engage stakeholders in a context where evidence is not yet fully at the centre of the national drug policy.


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