1. How to reduce drug-related crimes

Friday, 25 November, 2022 - 10:50 to 12:20


This presentation aims to analyse drugs and crime relationship in a country (Portugal) that decriminalise the use of all drugs since 2001 and have implemented a more tolerant drug policy in the transition to the XXI century. Special attention is dedicated to criminal justice system action directed to drug traffic and to drug related crimes.

A comparative method of larger time series concerning crimes and drug uses is used to establish some of the major trends in drug and crime relationship. Beyond decriminalisation law enforcement itself, criminal justice system action to drug traffic and drug related crimes is deeply examined, especially at sentencing stage, in order to clarify if tolerance in drug policy are able to produce effects on judicial decisions.

The crimes becomes less drug related. A leniency tendency is found on court decisions, especially the ones that concern minor drug traffic.

Pursuing a trend towards greater leniency on judicial action to drug use related minor crimes or regulating markets are two, not mutually exclusive, alternatives to repression. Both are promising ays to reduce drug related crimes.


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