2. Results of the literature review and the Delphi expert consensus finding process on Methamphetamine Prevention Interventions

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 15:00 to 16:30


On specific objective of IMPRESA is to synthesize the latest evidence in order to select the most adequate evidence-based selective and indicated prevention strategies as well as harm reduction measures for different target groups of (potential) methamphetamine users.

A scientific review of the relevant literature published in peer reviewed journals as well as a mapping of national prevention activities already in place (in the five IMPRESA countries) was undertaken. Electronic databases (MEDLINE, PSYNDEX, EMBASE, etc.) were searched, using appropriate keywords and inclusion / exclusion criteria to identify eligible studies. An online questionnaire with short descriptions of the interventions identified in the literature review, their setting and target group served as the input for a Delphi expert consensus finding process.

N=1362 literature records were screened, selected, quality appraised and finally 20 relevant studies were extracted, synthesized and summarized. The country-specific mapping led to 27 eligible prevention/harm reduction measures. Both were combined in a list containing 47 good practice, evidence-based selective prevention strategies, indicated methamphetamine use/misuse interventions and harm reduction measures.

36 national and international (European) experts took part in a two-round Delphi process. After two rounds 41 out of 47 interventions/measures (87%) reached consensus. Conclusions The results represent a sound basis to serve as a source for the MSPs.


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