Competing framings of gambling as a distinct vs similar problem – boundary making with substance use and eating disorders.

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 13:20 to 14:50


Gambling problems have been given more attention in media, research, policy and treatment practice during recent years. In Sweden the legislation concerning the gambling market and the design of the treatment system has recently been subject to substantial change. Knowledge on how people with gambling problems themselves relate to their problems and the available solutions in this context is however lacking. In this qualitative study 34 persons with self-reported gambling problems have been interviewed in-depth to analyse how gamblers themselves approach their gambling problems from moral, medical, psychological, or social perspectives and how they are framed in relation to other substance related or behavioural addictions. The study shows how gamblers feel they have to make use of various arguments of legitimization to be taken seriously. The participants’ stories bear witness of extensive stigmatization and lack of knowledge among staff in contact with care. The study deepens our understanding of how gamblers themselves deal with their problems in relation to their environment and how the interaction with social welfare and health care personnel can be improved. Implications for policy and practice will be discussed.


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