The experience of being released from jail: A case study

Wednesday, 23 November, 2022 - 09:00 to 19:30


Background: Supported accommodation for people released from prison is ideally placed to address the multiple and reinforcing challenges experienced following release. This research aims to strengthen the evidence-base for supported accommodation. This presentation brings together our current progress into a case study, describing the experience of a client who accessed the service, exploring how the service’s model of care seeks to respond to challenges and considering how existing literature might be used to improve outcomes for clients and services.

Methods: We have combined data from semi-structured qualitative interviews with men who receive supported accommodation following release from prison, initial results from our systematic review and a preliminary analysis of the supported accommodation’s service model to develop this case study.

Results: We describe the experience of leaving prison for an Australian man in his mid-forties. Drug use, mental and physical health problems, challenges with finances, family, and housing are all identified as areas of need at this time, while experiences of supported accommodation, the activities completed at the service, and how these supports help overcome or address the challenges of this period are also described. We then consider how the model of care might best meet the needs of their clients and the implications of best-evidence derived from the literature review.

Conclusion: This case study will contribute to discussions about the needs of men released from prison, and how services like supported accommodation can address these complex and mutually reinforcing needs.



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