Stakeholders’ perceptions about their position and the dynamics between the stakeholders within Swedish drug policy field

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 09:00 to 10:30


Reflecting upon drug policies in different countries, one may ask who has the opportunity to participate in such policy processes. This study asks: How do the different stakeholders in the Swedish drug policy field understand and justify their role in Swedish drug policy? The focus is put on analysing how stakeholders see and position themselves in the Swedish drug policy field but also, how they understand the dynamics between different stakeholders when it comes to drug policy-making in Sweden.

The data consists of semi-structured interviews of stakeholders (N=35). Purposive sampling is used with the aim of recruiting participants which represent the national level stakeholders within the Swedish drug policy field. Using qualitative content analysis with the power/interest matrix and theory of stakeholder identification and salience as methodological and theoretical tools help to perceive the positions of different stakeholders and illustrate their different perspectives how they understand and justify their role in Swedish drug policy.

The results to come will show more in-depth understanding the positions of the various stakeholder groups and their views on possibilities to influence policy within the Swedish drug policy field.

The study is timely and important concerning the present situation in Swedish drug policy but also internationally since several governments and communities in different parts of the world are struggling to find solutions in drug policy-making, with the aim to reduce drug use and drug related harm in different levels of the society. The analysis of the perceptions of the stakeholders concerning their role and dynamics between different stakeholders within the drug policy field will give us more knowledge about different actors and their power and interest in drug policy-making processes.




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