• Professor,
  • Ghent University
  • Ghent,
  • Belgium
In programme
  • November 24 09:00 to 10:30
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Professor Charlotte Colman is a professor Drug Policy and Criminology at Ghent University. She teaches several courses related to drug policy and criminal policy to Bachelor and Master students Criminology and Law.
Her (research) expertise focuses on drug policy evaluation, the interplay between recovery and desistance, drug-related crime and drug supply markets. Her scientific activities focus on combining a clear-cut synthesis of fundamental and empirical research on the one hand, and writing policy relevant studies on the other hand. She has been involved as a senior researcher and coordinator in several (inter)national multidisciplinary drug research projects and has translated this work in a wide variety of (peer-reviewed) publications. 
She has gained significant (inter)national policy experience, having worked as an expert consultant or member of a policy expert group in the area of drug policy (evaluation), recovery, desistance and alternatives to punishment or conviction for organisations like UNODC, OAS/CICAD, EMCDDA.