• Chair Addictive Behaviours & Public Health,
  • University of York
  • United Kingdom
In programme
  • November 25 09:00 to 10:30
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Jim holds the Chair in Addictive Behaviours & Public Health at the University of York.  He has well developed research interests across alcohol, drugs and other addictions, and in research methodology. Jim has been supported by the Wellcome Trust for most of his career, and currently holds an Investigator Award in Humanities and Social Sciences. This work seeks to develop our understanding of the roles the alcohol industry plays in influencing the conduct of research globally, within policy making contexts and at the science/policy interface. Jim has also been an international leader in the design and conduct of behavioural intervention trials for alcohol and other addictive behaviours, in particular in respect of brief interventions for alcohol. His current main research programme in this area is funded by the UK NIHR and seeks to support pharmacists to incorporate alcohol into their practice in primary care. Attention to this specific practitioner group and setting form part of a larger endeavour to reimagine brief interventions. All strands of his research work are designed to make science useful to society in reducing the avoidable burden of addictions.