Global perspectives on addictions and drug markets

Overview: Inter·GLAM (I·G) is a European project, co-funded by DG JUST at the European Commission, running from July 2021 to June 2023, which will co-produce a thematic track on ‘Global perspectives on addictions and drug markets of the 4th European Conference on addictive behaviours and dependencies in Lisbon (LxAddictions22, 23-25 November 2022), and award 120 bursaries to conference participants who could otherwise not attend the event.

Global scope and context: Drug use is an increasing lifestyle trend worldwide; and addiction and the poly-criminality of the drug market constitute a virtually global health and socioeconomic problem. Globalisation facilitates trade. The global COVID pandemic and geopolitical developments will cause more recent disruptions and shifts in drug use and transit operations which require updated analysis.

Inter·GLAM activities:

  • Co-creation of the IG Track: The InterGLAM Track, ‘Global perspectives on addictions and drug markets’, will address diverse topics, with expert working groups on 5 interlinked areas within the track. Read more about the track >>
  • IG Bursaries: The project will award bursaries to support 120 conference participants, who would otherwise not be able to attend - supporting their travel, accommodation, and the registration fee for LxAddictions22, to enable them to participate in the IG Track activities and other sessions at the Lisbon Addictions Conference 2022.
  • Multi-media input: Inter-GLAM is organizing a cinema and video competition at LxAddictions22.
  • Networking and collaboration: The project will set up and strengthen global networks and working groups, with the aim of sustaining and extending collaborations in addiction science beyond the duration of InterGLAM.