1. Connecting with Care – Toronto

Wednesday, 23 November, 2022 - 15:00 to 16:30


In this film, we profile the Toronto Community Hep C Program (TCHCP), which was formed to help address some of the barriers to accessing HCV care which exist for people living in poverty and who use drugs or alcohol. At its heart are peer-driven support groups, where the emotional and informational support provided is as transformational as the treatment. To reach the goal of global HCV elimination, peer support needs to be seen as the truly transformational opportunity that it is. When integrated into models of care, peer support and community engagement can have immeasurable impact. The TCHCP is a world-leading example and can inspire and inform other projects. Through real-life stories of people positively impacted by the project, the film profiles TCHCP's successful strategies: Meaningful involvement of people with lived experience of HCV in program design, delivery and research. Reducing the barriers and stigma for people who use substances and are living with HCV. Ensuring a people-centred approach grounded in the principles of harm reduction. Embedding research, evaluation and education throughout the program.

But it is the personal stories that are most impactful:

"Me and Jen, we’ve been through so much together. She was the first person to look at me and say, ‘Keith, you’d be great at this job.’ We work so good together and I’m so glad that I have the team that I do to work with, it makes my job so much easier" Keith Williams, TCHCP.


  • Brooke Nolan - INHSU
  • Conor Ashleigh – independent Visual Storyteller



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