1. Individuals with lived experience of homelessness and alcohol use disorders - insights from the PLACE study

Friday, 25 November, 2022 - 13:20 to 14:50


During the COVID-19 pandemic, persons in a homeless situation with alcohol use disorders were particular vulnerable to life-threatening deprivation syndrome for the lack of access to usual alcoholic beverages. In Lisbon, new emergency shelters (ES) were created to accommodate this population, and particular attention was dedicated to preventing alcohol-related complications in a time of uncertainty, constraint and limited access to health services. An adapted harm-reduction (HR) pharmacological intervention was implemented through a close collaboration between the Lisbon City Council, ONG Ares do Pinhal and Lisbon Alcohol-Treatment Unit.
Considering the global rising evidence for harm-reduction interventions needs with this population, the local and broader context of this initiative is presented. Special relevance is given to methodological aspects regarding its evaluation. Lastly, the PLACE research project, with the collaboration of the Public Health National School, evaluating this initiative from the users’, the stakeholders’ and the clinicians’ points of view, are briefly characterized.


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