2. Surpervised drug consumption facilities (SDCF)

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 10:50 to 12:20


The SDCF are meeting places for people addicted to illegal substances, which provide the possibility to use substances under hygienic conditions. We aim to provide answers to:

- Does the offer meet the current needs? Can these needs be met and developments taken into account?

- What measures are necessary in the short, medium and long term to maintain the standard and fulfil the mandate?

The central principles of the SDCF are low-threshold access and an acceptance-oriented attitude. We see the facilities as a protective space, both for low-risk consumption and in social terms. The active shaping of the professional and supportive relationship serves as the basis for our work and the right to intervene vis-à-vis the user. The SDCF as a social space for the clients poses challenges for the staff in terms of the clients' participation in shaping the facility, while observing the rules and order. Further, for almost a year now, one SDCF (caserne) has been offering counselling for crime prevention and the transition from prison to freedom and vice versa.

The concerns and needs of the people who use the services of the SDCF have changed, especially with regard to health issues. Nowadays, the life expectancy drug users is high, and this is also associated with a reduction in physical capacity and possibilities. It is therefore necessary to further develop both the offer and the infrastructure.

How can the city of Zurich maintain the standard it has developed and shape its offerings to meet the needs of its clients well into the future?




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