4. The dual diagnosis inpatient and outpatient treatment program in Ljubljana: practical implementatio

Wednesday, 23 November, 2022 - 15:00 to 16:30


Dual Disorders treatment program is part of the centre for treatment of drug addiction (CTDA) at University psychiatric clinic Ljubljana. It consists of outpatient clinic, day hospital, intensive treatment unit and health and psychosocial rehabilitation unit on other location in a brand-new premises.

The presentation will describe a new programme established in December 2020 in SloveniaLjubljana to address the needs of dual diagnosis patients.

Practical experience documented by data collected at the centre for treatment of Drug Addiction in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The program is highly structured, individualised and integrated with other services. Patients can be treated according to their specific needs at units other than CTDA if necessary, such as for detoxification or intensive psychosocial treatment; adolescents are treated at the adolescent and child treatment program with a child psychiatrist. Most people are self-referred or referred by family to the public health network of 21 Centres for prevention and treatment of drug addiction, psychiatric clinic, general psychiatric hospital, forensic hospital or NGOs. The new rehabilitation unit (CTDA) for treatment had been opened on December 2020 and has an unlimited duration. Since its opening in 2020 has treated several patients with successful outcomes: they were partly rehabilitated, got a job or started/continued their education thanks to a close cooperation with vocational programs as part of the program. The programme has also a mobile unit vising the patients at their homes with a team consisting of social worker, graduate nurse, psychologist, occupational therapist and sometime psychiatrist and volunteers. Some of the patients are now in specialised group homes or therapeutic communities.

The challenges and successes of the programm relate to the high level of integration and the comprehensive and holistic approach in addressing the needs of people with dual disorders.


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