First low-threshold gender responsive residential resource for homeless people using drugs in Barcelona: descriptive evaluation of the first 6 months of activity.

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 16:50 to 18:20


Due to the covid-19 pandemic and the total lockdown, the Barcelona City Council and the Public Health Agency of Barcelona together with third sector organisations, opened the first gender responsive low-threshold residential resource for homeless people who use drugs (HPWUD) in Barcelona. The resource provide rooms for isolation and confinement, treatment and harm reduction programs, including drug injected and inhaled consumption rooms, and alcohol maintenance program.

Descriptive analysis on sociodemographic characteristics, drug use and program use by HPWUD accommodated in the residential resource was performed. Period from April 3rd to October 3rd was analysed and data from the Public Health Agency of Barcelona harm reduction information system was used.

During the first 6 months, 120 HPWUD (74 men, 42 women and 4 non-binary) were accommodated. About 44% were Spaniards (59,5% among women) and the mean age was 44 years. Opioids (50,8%) and cocaine (16,7%) were the main drugs used. Regarding harm reduction programs, 94 people used drug consumption rooms, being cocaine the main drug used (in more than 65% of consumptions), mostly injected. The second drug was meth for men (14,6%) and heroine for women (14%). Thirty overdoses were reverted (40% due to cocaine and 20% to meth). Up to 41 people participated in the alcohol maintenance program. The main treatment program for men was opioid program (31%) and dual disorder program for women (23%). Finally, a total of 34 men (45,9%), 15 women (35,7%) and 3 non-binary (75%) abandoned the resource.

This new gender-responsive residential setting for HPWUD with a comprehensive harm reduction program is unique in Barcelona and contributes to address health and social inequalities in highly vulnerable and underserved population. Further evaluation is needed to support the continuity and eventually the extension of this residential resource.


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