Process evaluation of the Belgian one-month-abstinence campaign ‘Tournée Minérale’

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 10:50 to 12:20


The Tournée Minérale campaign [TMC], a temporary abstinence campaign [TAC], shows promising effects on (excessive) alcohol consumption. TMC was a mass media prevention campaign challenging Belgian adults to abstain from alcohol during one month. This study investigated how Belgian adults experienced TMC. A process evaluation may help us better understand the effect of TAC and to formulate recommendations for future TAC. Focus groups with TMC participants were conducted after TMC (n=31, mean age=47.3 ± 14.3, 33.3% men). Process evaluation questions were added to the pre- and post-test questionnaire of the effect evaluation (intervention group: n=49,901, mean age=44.4 ± 13.1, 37.0% men and control group: n=877, mean age=40.8 ± 14.7, 35.9% men). Date were analysed using NVivo 11 (qualitative data) or SPSS statistics software package version 25 (quantitative data).

TMC was a well know campaign, experienced as positive and participants were satisfied with the month February as timing. Most campaign materials were considered useful and/or motivating, especially the weekly motivational e-mails. Several factors facilitated taking part in TMC such as connectedness with other participants, adjusting temptations (e.g. removing alcohol at home) and the social environment of participants. Participants indicated to experience most difficulties with abstaining during social occasions, when they had to change a habit or find alternative non-alcoholic beverages. Most participants abstained from alcohol during TMC. There were both beneficial (e.g. sleeping better) as well as adverse perceived effects (e.g. drinking more soft drinks) of TMC. Several recommendations were given for a next campaign such as having a forum where people (weekly) talk about their experience or making non-alcoholic beverages more attractive.

Future editions of TMC should try to decrease perceived adverse effects (e.g. by providing attractive non-alcoholic beverages). Future studies should investigate whether the effect of TMC is moderated by satisfaction with or exposure to campaign materials.




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