Signals from the future: Exploring implications for drug policies

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 16:50 to 18:20


Do you feel like being immersed in futures-oriented drugs policy research? Don’t miss out on this workshop which includes a participatory consultation process for in-depth exploration of impacts of uncertainties and emerging issues.

Enhanced preparedness and resilience of EU countries’ drug surveillance systems and effective policy making are the key ingrediënts of the DRUG-PREP project. Conference participants form an important component for this foresight project by bringing along the required international perspectives and experience from diverse domains in current drug policy, practice and science.

The strength of this interactive session is the twofold return by creating foresight capacity building with the workshop participants, as well as the active contribution that will be injected into the overall DRUG-PREP foresight exercise.

Triggered to be part of it?

  • Make sure you are in time at C4 for this workshop as participation seats are limited to only 20 people!
    We work according to a first come, first served principle.
  • Once the workshop starts, it becomes a closed session. Therefore, doors are locked 10 minutes after start-up.


Presentation files

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