4. Key factors for a successful implementation of Quality Standards in Drug Demand Reduction – a Delphi Study

Wednesday, 23 November, 2022 - 15:00 to 16:30


Knowing the key factors for a successful implementation of Quality Standards (QS) can be an essential step for organizations and individuals to achieve QS implementation in practice. To obtain detailed information and consensus on key and transferrable lessons for successful QS implementation, we organized a Delphi study among QS experts. 

Methods: 37 experts in QS were invited to partake in the study, equality divided between the areas of prevention, treatment, and harm reduction. Three Delphi rounds were conducted. The first round was organized as a live event in which participants brainstormed about factors influencing the successful QS implementation. Statements were generated from the analysis of the discussions. In the second round, participants had the opportunity to agree, disagree or rephrase statements via an online survey, besides suggesting additional statements. In the third round, experts stated their agreement with the remaining statements on a 5-point Likert scale via an online survey.

Findings: The first round generated 50 statements around factors such as communication, collaboration, support structures, funding, political support, and education. In the second round, 27 participants sufficiently agreed (> 85% agreement and <15% disagreement) with 32 statements. In the final round, 15 statements achieved sufficient agreement among 27 experts, focusing on the involvement of various stakeholders, having good communication and education strategies, and continuous structural and political support.



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