4. sip züri' - entry control of safe injection facilities, and from social space management to social ambulance

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 10:50 to 12:20


sip züri was developed as an outreach social work project after the closing of the needle park in Zurich. The goal was to prevent another open drug scene and to connect the drug users with available services. sip züri works as the link between different stakeholders to community or personal issues.

Public spaces should be available to everyone. This can be if the space is managed by finding solutions and agreements with everyone who uses the space, rather than only using repression. sip züri is characterized by fast interventions, connecting clients to a suited facility and solving conflicts on a low-threshold level.

sip züri follows new trends and adapts to them fast. sip züri has staff from different cultural and professional backgrounds which allows an understanding of different issues and a good connection to different target groups.

How can we build an all-encompassing network within a city? How do we succeed in being respected as mediators by stakeholders?




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