Cross-domain prevention: Preventing substance use (disorders) and antisocial behaviour together, importance of intersectoral action in prevention

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Friday, 25 November, 2022 - 13:20 to 14:50
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In the prevention sciences, the advances in the understanding of the aetiology of problem behaviour and in the ability to intervene to change them when they occur and to reinforce healthy and prosocial behaviours set the foundation for harmonising prevention cultures across different domains (Crime, ATOD, Mental Health, etc.) . Professionalising the workforce of prevention and specifically substance use and crime prevention is a necessary step in moving the field forward. This requires the specification and teaching of evidence-based prevention strategies (including interventions and policies), the delineation of the competencies and skills for prevention professionals and their credentialing, the importance of prevention systems as key infrastructures for the delivery of high-quality interventions, and the acceptance of a code of ethics. These important dimensions of a profession are being put into place now; an example in Europe is the EUPC, which trains prevention decision-makers and professionals in the field and students interested in specific training in prevention science and its application.